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Guia do homem o seu mistério através de uma infinidad…

Aliens attack
Um simples clone de invader

Turn Based Battle
Nem tudo é o que parece quando James a Elf tem o prime…

Memory Game
A 6x4 Memory game using Cartoon illustration

Carnival Jackpot
This is a puzxle game - the objective is to score point…

Locked Office
Another graphical adventure where you have to escape fr…

Flash Minesweeper
Flash version of the very old Minesweeper game

Swing from post to post and turn the peg in this puzzle…

Shanghai Mahjongg
Shanghai is another name for the classic Chinese game c…

Kick Ups
Try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible

Moon Rider
Solo Bike racing game that take place in the night

Downhill Adventure
Sled downhill and avoid bumping into obstacles

dc8p Fishwater Challenge
Collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. Be caref…

Golf Ace
Get as many hole-in-ones as possible in this golf game

Barry Potter
Shoot the owls and show no mercy as Barry Potter

Classic snake game with a twist - eat different fruits …

Dark Waters The Fight
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to win the game.

save the beautiful butterfly from the spider's web

Multiplication Station
Dont play this game if you hate mathematics - and mul…

Quick Rotation
Finish the code by rotating the screen

Friday the 24th
Attack elves and Santa Claus in Xmas eve.

Spary the ants with your spraycan

Fish Hunt
Your mission, now that you have choosen to accept it, i…

Catch the toast with your plate as much as possible.

Zelda: C.O.W.A
Use Link's attacks to defeat the green soldiers

Gold Miner
Use your claw to reel in as much treasure as possible. …

Hide Needs Sake
Collect 5 bottles of Japanese sake for hide. If you pic…

Brain Racer
How fast your brain to solve simple math?

Super Angelo
Super Angelo é um jogo de plataforma no estilo de Mari…

Magical Pond
Fun filled addictive puzzle game .

Fruit Dodge
Take to the skies in this arcade masterpiece. Dodge as …

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar
Desfrute de um novo jogo de aventura em Farm Frenzy 3 M…

Passe um grande momento no país com Anna! Ajude-a a de…

The player should use the arrow keys to control the fur…

Penguinator 3000
Defend your castle from the angry hordes of penguins in…

Astrae Bellum
Battle Ancient Gods in the Æther and rebuild Olympus! …

Airport Madness 3
An air traffic control game that involves runways and t…

Squadron Auriga
Squadron Auriga is the most EPIC battle game on the int…

Be a King, Be a great King.

MathCopter 2
Fly the Mathcopter into a balloon containing the fracti…

auto trka

LL City Parking
Park your car as accurately as possible into the marked…

Kill All Zombies
Zombies have invaded into your small quiet home town. N…

Fire Truck 2
The driving through a rough scenario, to reach and put …

In this game player drive the boat and collect the fish…

The Last Knight
You are the last Knight, defeat your opponents.

Penguin War
OK, here's the deal, this is a very fast paced tower de…

Driving school
Jigsaw Puzzle

Fighter Combat
Bomb your enemies from your fighter plane.

Galinhas Loucas
As galinhas estão enlouquecidas. Atire nelas antes del…

Putin Fighter
Help to Russian president Putin defeat all enemies

This is a space shooter in honour of the "Galaga" arcad…

Railroad Tycoon 3
Drag the track pieces onto the gird. Form a complete ra…

Spy Hunter
A unique shooting game where you are a spy on your spec…

Gun Run
Upgrade your gun and proceed further into the robotic e…

Shoot the teletubbies but not the cow!

Protect base against air raid and nuke

Mah Jong Deluxe
Connect identical MahJong to each other to clear the bo…

Gamble all your virtual dollars away in Kachinko!

TNT Slots
Break the House with the explosive new Slot Game.

Play domino game version english

Horse Racing Steeplechase
Place your bets and be the jockey or watch the race

Medical Mania
Medical Maniacs is a Doctors and Nurses themed slot gam…

GioKando Ball Fight
You align at least three balls of the same color to rem…

Electric Box 2
Play the sequel to the world's most electrifying puzzle…

Touch my Simonn
Classic puzzle game !

Four in a Row
Connect 4 in a row before the computer does.

Soccer Bounce v1
See if you can make a goal in this very hard soccer gam…

Bizzle is a combination of puzzle and billiard game. Yo…

Find and collect orchids in the cave infested with snak…

Just do what Simon Says

Boiler Breakdown
Fix the boiler by collecting its parts.

Keep the "head" in the air

Lance La Hache
Axed Osama in this game

Alphabet Soup
Forming word quickly by clicking on the falling letters

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