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Challenge of the soccer p…
Game that he is a riddle of thought

Bomb Ghosts
Ghosts hid near by the house. Bomb them to the heaven! …

A simple memory game where you must find pairs of match…

Relaxing Match 3 Fun for Cold Winter Days! Swap gems ho…

Combo Master
Build combo and enjoy! Game seems like Dr.Mario (Ninden…

Tetris like game where you have to build lines. Differ…

Move gems around the board, aligning 3 or more gems in …

Cargo Bridge: China editi…
A new quality of bridge builder. Build a bridge and tes…

Bubble Domination
Bubble Domination is a simple strategy game. The goal i…

Pirate Bubble
Pirate Bubble é um divertimento e muito popular jogo d…

Flash Chess 3D
3D Flash Chess with great AI opponent

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe - the classic

Whipsaw Fighter
Plan your attacks in this turn based fighting game

Flash Chess
2D Flash chess with great AI

Maximum Rotation
re-arrange the 4x4 grid into its original position

Solitaire game where the objective is to remove all buy…

Flash Minesweeper
Flash version of the very old Minesweeper game

Coloring Book
A Flash colouring book

KCLY Diamond
Mova as rostos para esquerda ou para direita, para que …

3D Reversi
This is the normal reversi game. However, the graphic i…

Memory Match
Another matching game where you have to match pair of i…

You have to detonate/defuse all the bomb

Yellow Out
This is similar to the Chinese puzzle game. In this ver…

Remove as many blocks of the same colour in single move…

Word Search 2000
Nicely build automated generation of Word Search 100

Memory - Rings
Try to repeat the pattern for as many rounds as possibl…

G Ball
Use Arrow keys to guide the ball

12 Swap
Make 3 in a line to remove the tiles; 2 game modes avai…

Klax (100)
Remove tiles of the same colour from the conveyer belt

Split your cell to conquer as much territory as possibl…

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